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We specialize in helping women achieve the look they want. Beautiful brows begin with a well crafted art stroke by generating individual strands.


Microblading (Deluxe Brow)

The “Deluxe Brow” service allows individual to discover that their brows are just as unique as them. For this procedure, the artist will sit down with an individual and study the nature of your brow movements and structure before customizing the individual strands.  That’s why Stroke of Art is known for its natural 3D hairstrokes.

Touch Up (Pick Me Up)

Though brow retention differs depending on lifestyles and activities. We do after a complimentary touch up for Microblading (Original Price). For those who just want a simple “Pick Me Up” a brow touch-up is right for you.

Ombre Toning (Goddess)

This procedure allows you to have the combination of either microblading with shading (Powder) effect or simply all ombre. The look of makeup for an all-day goddess.

Brow Correction (Whoopsi)

We understand that sometimes services aren’t always what is expected. That’s why we provide fading, removing, and corrections for unsightly, uneven, or discolored eyebrows.

Though healing and appearance may vary. Some sessions may require additional touch-ups.

About : Stroke of Art

We don't just make brows happen, we're making brow history.

Being a full-time worker and mother, Dara understood it’s nearly impossible to do her makeup, get dressed, then getting her daughter ready.  Right then and there was when she realized that there has to be an easier way. She knew she wanted to help other women like herself get ready daily without the hassle of always worrying about their physical aesthetics. Brows are one feature that everyone looks at on a daily basis and is the last thing you want to be stressing about.  Stroke of Art, which started off as a hobby, soon became a brand for itself.  She believed all women are equally beautiful but there is nothing wrong with enhancing what you have. Because if you look and feel good, then your confidence will clearly show for itself in your performance.
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Dara Lucas


Dara graduated from California State University, Fresno with a degree in Marketing and Mass Communication. She loves making people happy and stresses that a great business should always be client-oriented. Her backgrounds and skills prove just that.  This talented young woman started Stroke of Art because she was so inspired by the Glam of Hollywood and how this new trend has been the talk of the town. She wanted to be Fresno’s first microblading company and she did just that.

Now, you can get the same Beverly Hills service in your neighborhood. 

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We charge a non-refundable deposit of $75 in order to hold your appointment.  This amount will be debited upon your transaction and applied toward your checkout. You are responsible to pay the remaining balance on the day of your procedure.

In the event should you choose to reschedule your appointment, you can do so through (559-403-0597). All rescheduling must be done in 72 hours period. Should any appointment rescheduling occur within 24 hours of the appointment day (time of appointment), you will not be able to reschedule. Your deposit is KEPT!

If you cancel your appointment within 72 hours of booking you will receive half of your deposit.


Microblading Process

Before Care

  • Do not workout before procedure

  • Do not drink alcohol

  • Do not take any form of medication until after procedure is done

  • No laser treatment or chemical face peel

  • Do not wax the day before or day of procedure

  • No microdermabrasion or dermaplaning for 2 weeks prior

  • No botox or major surgeries before the procedure

  • Stop the use of Retin-A or AHA products for 2 weeks prior


The whole procedure takes approximately 2 hours.

Numbing (20- 45 mins)

Sketching (5-10 mins)

Wait for approval

Then we begin the process.
The procedure itself takes about 1 to 1.5 hrs

After Care

  • Dryness and redness with light swelling may occur

  • Do not pick any scabs or dry area

  • Avoid getting it wet (hot showers, swimming, sauna or sweating)

  • Avoid  tanning, pets, or any outdoor activities for atleast 2 weeks

  • Avoid using makeup, exfoliators, harsh face cream, or  face wash

  • Key to keeping brow retention is to take proper care such as; keeping the area clean and dry. Be sure to apply grapeseed oil, coconut oil or tattoo balm. Remember all you need is just a small thin layer, excessive application can cause the ink to bleed out because you can clog the pores. Skin needs oxygen to heal properly.

  • Day of the procedure your skin will oxides making them appear extremely dark. Do not be alarm this is normal. The ink will fade over a period of a few days.

  • Scabbing, flaking, and dry areas will form. You will also notice your brows fading but this is all part of the healing process. No worries… microblading is a two-step process, that’s why you should always schedule your touch-up.

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Top Microblading Frequently Asked Questions


1. Microblading ($500) *with complimentary touch-up

2. Microblading with corrective work ($550)

3. Classic tattoos– ($450)

4. Ombre (Powder/ Shading)- ($400)

5. Touch Ups (Varies)

Prices are subject to changes and further charges may be applied to your add-ons. Please note that complimentary touch-ups must be scheduled before the expiration of 60 days. Any touch-up that fails to meet the 30–60-day window is subject to Touch Up prices.

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