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We specialize in helping women achieve the look they want. Beautiful brows begin with a well crafted art stroke by generating individual strands.



Microblading is performed by a handtool. Each client brows has its uniqueness and not all brows are the same. Our artist sits with each individual and studies the natural brow structure and mobility before actually beginning each procedure. This is how Stroke of Art 3D Brows artist work their brow magic in getting them to look so realistic.

Touch Up

Our touch up sessions varies. We have our 30-60 days touch up for our first time returning clients. Our annual touch up sessions (1-3) years and our new clienteles.


Ombre Toning

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Brow Correction

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About : Stroke of Art 3D Brows

We don't just make brows happen, we're making brow history.

Being a full time worker and mother, Darla understood it’s nearly impossible to do her makeup, get dressed, then getting her daughter ready.  Right then and there was when she realized that she wanted to help other women like herself get ready daily without the hassle of always worrying about their physical aesthetics. Stroke of Art 3D Brows, which started off as a hobby, soon became a brand for itself.  She believed all women are equally beautiful but there is nothing wrong with enhancing what you have. Because if you look and feel good, then your confidence will clearly show for itself in your performance.
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Dara Chhuy


Dara graduated from California State University of Fresno with a degree in Marketing and Mass Communication. Her passions involve beauty and arts. From make ups to creating customized costumes; she knew she wanted to do something great

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Microblading Process

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Top Microblading Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique where fine lines are scratched into the surface of the skin, and pigment embedded. The strokes accurately replicate hair (as in a brow or hairline).


Is It Safe?

All our pigments are cosmetic grade, meaning that they are sterilized and purified for cosmetic use. The ingredients used have been approved by the FDA for cosmetic use.


Is It Painfull?

We use effective numbing creams that are FDA approved. On a scale of 1 to 10 – with 1 being no discomfort, clients often experience between a 2 and 3.


Is There Recovery Time?

There is no downtime, however the brow will take about one week to fully heal.  The brow will soften in color by up to 40-50%.

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